Naked Earth

I have been quiet on here lately! so here’s why 🙂

First of all I wanted to thank all my loyal readers for signing up to my blog, I really appreciate the support and I love sharing my recipes with you all!

So..I have been working really hard on our new Paleo ice cream brand, Naked Earth 😀
My recipes have been in development for this project for months, and my man (Jake) has jumped on board as co-founder and set up the back end of the business end so we can get up and running!
I have absolutely loved working on the product as developer and creative director thus far! Designing the logo, packaging and everything surrounding has felt completely in my element. Jake has done an awesome job at the business management end (the stuff I just cannot wrap my head around at all!) so we fit in this team swimmingly.

Our product is an Australian first – true Paleo ice cream! (dairy free, processed sugar free, preservative free, gluten free, no combiners or thickeners, organic). The ice cream is also vegan, raw and kosher friendly. 17776603_1606169896079630_2022094522_o.jpgOur tubs are a “grab and go” size (120ml) and the tub base is compostable! We are super excited to get our environmentally conscious, ethical and locally made ice cream out in the market space!
So, go bare and follow Naked Earth on Instagram or Facebook! So far we have connected with some amazing like minded souls, and cannot wait for others to connect on this journey.

xx Lib

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